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Re-Blog this if you admit that you are weird and don’t care!
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Yep and sometimes it STILL surprises me that I actually have friends, many of whom share or at least admire my unique brand of weirdness.

Re-Blog this if you admit that you are weird and don’t care!

*starts the queue*

Yep and sometimes it STILL surprises me that I actually have friends, many of whom share or at least admire my unique brand of weirdness.

official-sebastianstan asked:

Lory have you ever considered a three-person drift compatible group??



Is this as in “who are three characters who would be drift compatible”?

(this is kinda just me gushing about pac rim and jaegers and the three-person drift. It’s not at all relevant to the questions about headcanons so feel free to ignore)

So everyone knows how originally the Jaegers were piloted by a single pilot, and most of the pilots ended up dead because the strain was too much, except for a select few. Which I suppose means their brains and bodies were able to withstand the huge amounts of stress and pressure?

And then the two pilot system was created, where both pilots can share the load, but it only works if they’re both compatible. Which is shown in the movie to be getting along, being able to predict a person’s actions or movements; all in all I suppose it’s understanding a person very well, right? In this case the control of the Jaeger is divided up between right and left, and the neural load is a great deal less.

But three pilots, well you have that with the Wei Tang brothers, and I was always so pissed that they didn’t talk about it more. In the movie, the two-pilot system is revolutionary because it allows Jaeger pilots to use the Jaeger without dying. With all the emphasis on dividing up parts of the Jaegers controlled by pilots and splitting the neural load, you would think a three-pilot system would be revolutionary as well. Because now the neural load is split even moreso, which wouldn’t that make it both safer and more easy to maneuver? But then again, would this perhaps be more dangerous, because you’re exposed to the memories and experiences of three people in the drift. There are more chances for error than with the two-pilot system, which probably means the pilots need to be more controlled emotionally and mentally. Basically, a three-person drift might be more a more ideal situation, but more dangerous.

Also because it brings up the idea that more than two people can be “compatible” for each other; even tho in the movie it’s triplets. A two-pilot system doesn’t necessary need to be a set of twins, so there’s no reason every three pilot system would be a set of triplets. I like how in the movie too being drift compatible doesn’t automatically mean romantically in love or familial love, it can also be a strong platonic bond. And how hard would it be to be synchronized with three people? Probably really freaking difficult? Also they have a robot with three arms and it’s really fucking cool.

official-sebastianstan also sent me this :



or did you mean for headcanons :oc

And for that matter, what if three people are DC but not in equal measures? Like A is 98 percent DC with B and C is only 81 percent DC with A but 100 percent DC with B? What happens if someone is DC with two people, but those two people aren’t DC at all? 

For example, Newt can drift with Hermann, and he has a pretty good connection with Hannibal Chau (and they end up being DC?)Where does that leave Hermann and Hannibal if they aren’t DC? Would Newton act as a link, or would they never be capable of sharing a drift, even with Newt as a buffer?


How awesome is this… The Welsh Guards playing the ‘Game of Thrones’ theme at Buckingham palace.


What was your Favourite Holmes adaptation? 

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Those 80’s cartoon colors were RAD. :P

Hey! Happy First Year Anniversary, Pacific Rim Fandom! :D This week one year ago, many of us, myself included, entered movie theaters and had no idea of the mind-blowing that was about to commence. <3


Morning Mark-

Breakfast of Champions

Please Give Me SuperWhoLock Prompts

meaning prompt me anything that involves characters from at least two of the three shows together in one fic.

Example: Dean/Jack Harkness

                Castiel/Tenth Doctor


Please please please, I need things to do in the next week so I don’t go insane waiting to have the vet come out and look at the horse I want to buy and do a pre-purchase vet exam.




I don’t go running because I want to be thin.

I go running because










going to


show up


and tell you




this is literally my favorite running post of all time. hands down.

of all the so-called inspirational posts about runing, this one makes me want to pick up running most.